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'Nellie R Stevens'

Ilex x

Height: 25'
Spread: 15-30'
Shape: Upright, pyramidal becoming broad at maturity
Foliage: Shiny, dark green, evergreen leaves. Two to three spines in the margin. Fruit: Bright orange-red berries on female plants. Parthenocarpic. Fruit is not persistent
Fall Color: Evergreen
Hardiness: 6-9

Comments: waxy evergreen leaves and natural pyramidal shape. Grown both as a large shrub and small ornamental tree. Orange-red berries borne in summer, fall or winter by female plants. Holly berries develop in groups along branches and are pollinated by neighboring male species. Nellie R is a vigorous relatively fast growing ornamental plant that is best planted as an evergreen specimen for any formal or naturalized garden

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