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'Afghan' or 'Mondell' Pine

'Afghan' or 'Mondell' Pine

Pinus eldarica

Height: 30-60'
Spread: 25-40'
Shape: Upright and Pyramidal, columnar evergreen tree with dark green foliage. Symmetrical, smooth Pyramidal form
Foliage: Dark green. Dense emerald evergreen. Paired alternately, spiral medium green needles are five to 6.5 inches long
Fall Color: Evergreen
Hardiness: 3-9

Comments: Origin . Afghanistan, Pakistan and Russia. Popular in the Persian Gulf States. A tree of Royalty. Widely planted for screening, specimen use. Drought, heat and wind tolerant once established. Plant in dappled to full sun exposure. Does not tolerate wet conditions. pH range . 4.5to 8.5. Produces 3" oval to oblong reddish-brown cones This is a great desert pine that tolerates heat, wind and drought conditions.

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